I must say that this video makes our City Council meetings look ‘normal’.



This looks like something that could happen at our meeitings. Is this B. Brown’s brother?




Well, the “Night of Champions” was an okay event. I didn’t find that was anything special. However, most in attendance seemed to enjoy it (not sure if the beer helped). I do question that pairing of the bouts. Let’s just call the match up, one-sided. Of course we want the hometown product to win, but let’s at least make it competitive. I was impressed with the set up and Mr. Pitcher has obviously done this before. But before we go ahead and annoint him the person to bring us the larger boxing/mixed martial arts events to Alexandria. How about we see who else is out there. I just don’t know if it was money well spent. I didn’t hear the final count in attendance and if anyone knows. Feel free to leave it in the comments. How did everyone else feel about the event? Would you like to see another one in the future?

Video of the one of the best ever. Check him out, and yes that is him rapping. Roy Jones Jr. the best pound for pound fighter ever, in my opinion. 

The truth of Cenlaugh.

The truth

This page will be filled with all types of humor. Whether it be on a local level (Central Louisiana) or random things that I find amusing. I will attempt to dabble in various issues that face us today. Sometimes we need not take ourselves so seriously. After a long day of work, laziness, robbing banks or fishing. Log on to cenlaugh and have a chuckle on us.