In another bizarre story, this girl decided to pay for her college education she would sell her virginity. Well she certainly drives a hard bargain. Link here.




I love stupid criminals as much as Jay Leno. I kind of had to laugh at this although it is not the funniest criminal story I have heard. But anyway the guys that were attempting a Jeep in Leesville. One of the guys tipped the owner of the vehicle off via text message. ‘Hey call the cops so that they can come arrest me because I am about to steal your Jeep’ and then they both get arrested. Of course we don’t know the full extent of the story because the TT does not report much, just a short write up with some details. Link here

As I was perusing The Advocate newspaper out of Baton Rouge. I noticed this story about where Sex Offenders would be housed during the time of emergency. While I think it is important to keep them confined to close quarters and I believe they should have MAXIMUM security on this/these building(s). I cannot say that I would be happy to have this moving into my neighborhood. Can you just imagine having to live next door to a building that is going to house sex offenders? I would be worried each and every time my child stepped out of the front door to go to school. I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that there were sex offenders within striking distance of my property.


Residents in the area and local officials have complained about the plans to locate convicted sex offenders in the area, so Rep. Tom McVea filed a bill that would require parish officials to approve a sex offender shelter before it could be opened.

Ya think?!?


Also it should be noted that there would be other criminals mixed among the sex offenders. This is one building that I would hope after occupied, one of those mysterious arson cases happen. We do live in a great state but sometimes the things we do just seem to amaze me.

I am looking for certain things. Aside from important issues that face the city and you can find the City Council agenda. I will be keeping a close eye on the way that the administration and City Council respond to residents of Alexandria when questioned on certain things. You can find my post about this from May 23, 2007 here and how I feel about their demeanor during the meetings. Besides the fact that they act very unprofessional at times by laughing and making jokes about everything. I have witnessed on many different occasions where a resident will ask a question only to be belittled by the Council Member. I am no rocket scientist but with my logic if a person is there to ask a question, the chances are they do not know the answer. They may answer the question, but on the tail end they will add some smart ass remark which is uncalled for in my opinion. Also I will be listening to see how many of the issues they bring up have a racial undertone. Swimming pools only on 3rd street, money to certain foundations or charities etc. If you are going to do things you need to spread it out evenly for all the people of Alexandria. I can’t help but notice that each time I watch one of these “episodes” the giving is one sided. “My people, her people, those people” need this and that. But come election time they will be smiling in everyone’s face. This is all for now, I will be back later to update.






I picked up the Town Talk today and on the front page there was an article printed about the plans for the LSUA expansion. In my mind this is a good thing. Whether or not it passes is yet to be seen. You can read about it here and see what you think. We have heard about it before but if you add in the housing soon to be on campus, it is looking better for the younger generation. Maybe current students won’t be laughed at when saying where they attend college. Now if we can only fix the rest of the “city” and have some progression in other areas we may be onto something. However, I will not be holding my breath waiting for improvements around the “city” to happen and make younger people actually want to live in Alexandria/Pineville. Have you ever heard people that are younger actually be excited about living in this area? Probably not and when you think about it there is actually nothing for younger adults to do in this area, which is sad. This has to be the most boring place to reside in the state for younger adults.

 Marquise Hill



Things like this really sadden me. I love when people from New Orleans make it to the big dance, the NFL. Hill was a second round pick in 2005 by the New England Patriots. He was a class act in high school and it followed him to Louisiana State University and even all the way to the NFL for the Patriots. From the reports that I have read he was riding a jet ski on Lake Pontchartrain with a female and when they fell off, he and the woman whom were both not wearing life vests were floating away. He was trying to calm the female down the entire time even as he parted with her in the water. It is truly a sad day for Louisiana and the Nation to have lost such a great man and a role model to many. As a side note, he was in New Orleans helping his mother rebuild her house that was destroyed in Katrina. Another young man, dead and we should keep his family in our prayers.

“We are all shocked,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft said in a statement.”

Hill played on LSU’s national championship team and was a second-round draft pick by New England in 2004.

“It’s shocking,” said Patriots cornerback Randall Gay, who was also a college teammate of Hill’s at LSU, and who was at the scene when officials pulled the body from the lake. “This is going to be hard for a lot of people.”

The woman, whose identity was not available Monday morning, was rescued and sent to Tulane Medical Center where she told them Hill had tried to keep her calm as the two were drifting away from each other.

ESPN article about his death

Links to stories about the Marquise Hill death

Where they found the body

Aymond’s Blog
Check it out, the City is sponsoring a Juneteenth Celebration. He does make some interesting points and it kind of relates to my post from yesterday. No doubt that racism is alive and well in our City and it saddens me to know that we may never overcome this.

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