Again, this post is nothing to do with Cenla. I just found that it may relate to Cenla in a way such as we have some of the worst customer service in the State. Sure we have a couple of places that are good in customer service. However if you think about it, we have some crappy employees in every industry and work place. I have lived in many places and been around the World. Alexandria has some of the worst employees that I have ever witnessed. Think about the places you visit daily. You are at the gas station trying to pay for your gas and the girl behind the counter has to finish telling her friend on the phone the rest of the story before you are acknowledged, and when you are finally noticed it is as if you are interrupting her. You are at a random fast food joint and there are people cutting up behind the line and cracking jokes, talking loud, dancing around etc. I know there is bad customer service in most places but I feel as though I can make a comparison having been around to many places. I have also employed many people in this area and I have had some really good ones but it is truly hit or miss. The problem seems to be that they know that it is hard to find someone to replace them. They know there is a shortage of workers in the area and they let you know it. Something must be done about this Citywide problem but don’t leave it up to the shitty council and their kindergarten visions of spray parks and the like.


Anyway here is the story about Sprint telling their customers they will no longer provide a service for them.


 Mind you, this is the same company that ranks last in customer service according to a poll done by MSN. Maybe this is a reason for the cutting of the customers, because they complain too much and this will bring their rankings up a bit.

Link to story about Sprint being last (or first) in Customer Service poll


I must say that this video makes our City Council meetings look ‘normal’.



This looks like something that could happen at our meeitings. Is this B. Brown’s brother?



The City Council will from this point forward be referred to as the Shitty Council. Thank you I’ll be here all night.

Also, I would like to take this space to add a link to the article of the Town Talk’s view on the whole Mayor vs. The Shitty Council. I guess I am glad that they actually take a position (trademark Myron Lawson) on the whole situation as most newspapers do. However, KALB does not have the balls to do anything of the sort. Link here (the now infamous love4aex comments on the page as well)

Unfortunately I have not been able to dedicate as much time as I would like lately to the blog. My real job has kept me extremely busy the past few weeks although we should be slowing down now. So I look forward to picking up the pace. However, wesawthat and Greg Aymond’s blog have been putting out some good stuff. I have had time to check in on them on a consistent basis and they have not disappointed. Hopefully we will capture your interest with some news posts in the future.

I watched in amazement last night during my viewing of the Council meeting. Roy will not back down from these idiots on the council. It is refreshing to see that he is calling them out on what they are doing (or not doing). I have to say that I was happy that Roy was the mayor before, but I am actually proud that he is the mayor as we all should be. Congrats to mayor Roy for actually shutting down this nonsense that has plagued Alexandria for years. Hopefully we will soon not have this petty crap to worry about.

Chris Rose


My sometimes favorite columnist Chris Rose has put an article on nola.com about his children and life in New Orleans after the storm. He tells of situations they face in life and having to teach them the reality of life and particularly in New Orleans. It is a very good article in my opinion and if you want to check it out. Here is a link.


If you think of different places around Louisiana. Most of the cities/towns have something unique about them. There is a certain thing that you think of when Lafayette crosses your mind. For me it is usually Cajuns. Also it could be food. When I think of New Orleans, I think of jazz music. When Shreveport crosses my mind I think East Texas. When I think about Alexandria I really draw a blank. There is nothing that really sets Alexandria apart from the rest of the State in my opinion. Sure there is some history in Alexandria and there are some unique things to in Alexandria but there is nothing that really stands out about Alexandria. Of course this is my opinion. There are residents of Alexandria that have lived here all their lives and cannot even tell you what there is to do around town. Half of the residents would not be able to give you directions to Kent House Plantation. So I ask, what is Alexandria known for and what makes it unique. I would rather not hear about events that took place in the Bentley, England Air Force Base, the Red River (while a great trait for the City, residents of Louisiana could probably care less about it). So I ask, if you were a resident of another town/city in Louisiana outside of a 75 mile radius from Alexandria. What would Alexandria be known for to you? Maybe being called Central Louisiana is not such a good thing, as it may be all that we are known for. Again…not a bad thing.