Again, this post is nothing to do with Cenla. I just found that it may relate to Cenla in a way such as we have some of the worst customer service in the State. Sure we have a couple of places that are good in customer service. However if you think about it, we have some crappy employees in every industry and work place. I have lived in many places and been around the World. Alexandria has some of the worst employees that I have ever witnessed. Think about the places you visit daily. You are at the gas station trying to pay for your gas and the girl behind the counter has to finish telling her friend on the phone the rest of the story before you are acknowledged, and when you are finally noticed it is as if you are interrupting her. You are at a random fast food joint and there are people cutting up behind the line and cracking jokes, talking loud, dancing around etc. I know there is bad customer service in most places but I feel as though I can make a comparison having been around to many places. I have also employed many people in this area and I have had some really good ones but it is truly hit or miss. The problem seems to be that they know that it is hard to find someone to replace them. They know there is a shortage of workers in the area and they let you know it. Something must be done about this Citywide problem but don’t leave it up to the shitty council and their kindergarten visions of spray parks and the like.


Anyway here is the story about Sprint telling their customers they will no longer provide a service for them.


 Mind you, this is the same company that ranks last in customer service according to a poll done by MSN. Maybe this is a reason for the cutting of the customers, because they complain too much and this will bring their rankings up a bit.

Link to story about Sprint being last (or first) in Customer Service poll


shit stirrer 

(shit stirrer above)


On this day where we are to remember all of the great things about our Country and accept that freedom is not free. There are many different cliches I could insert here but I will keep it short. As I was looking over the Town Talk’s website I couldn’t help but notice that they seem to be trying to stir up shit as they have an ‘article’ that directs people to join in discussion which is basically either race related or religion topics. Politics and religion are always things that spark some crazy conversation so on this 4th of July everyone spend time bitching and name calling instead of celebrating. Way to go Town Talk, we are so proud.

Link from the Town Talk on issues that have been beaten to death, but I guess this is what they resort to when they actually know nothing about true reporting

It appears as though KALB is really scraping the bottom of the barrell with their new employees. I wonder why they can’t keep employees and they all seem to be leaving. No doubt better job oppurtunities. But would KALB not be able to offer them the same compensation/situation as the stations stealing them away? The new sports guy is HORRIBLE!!! Please fire him.



What a wonderful day in the neighborhood. I was browsing the web today and I came across “breaking news” that was labeled Juneteenth violence. It makes me sick to see things like this happen, basically what happened was a group of thugs decided that after the Juneteenth ordeal was over, they couldn’t just go home like normal people. Instead they decided to surround cars, bust out car windows, jump on car hoods, harass people, assault cops and pull innocent drivers of cars out and beat them. Very sick behavior for someone to illustrate on a day that is supposed a day that they are proud of. You will now have people that do not remember the good things about their celebration. I know I will personally remember the images that I have seen in this video. It is everything that is wrong with our world. These people behaved like animals. Also notice in the video there is a woman assaulting police officers. Now I know that all police officers are not good people. But they are there to protect lives and help and you have people assaulting them. The woman got everything that she deserved…a baton to the face. I would actually like to know the race of the persons that were pulled out of the car and beaten. Call it racist of me to call them “they” and “them”, but they brought it upon themselves by having a celebration such as this and then drawing negative national attention to themselves. “They” as a whole group deserve every bit of negative attention that they receive from this. There was also mention of possibly canceling next years Juneteenth. Maybe next time they will think before acting so immature. Of course there were good people there and I am sure that they had good wholesome fun, but I certainly doubt I will be hearing any of the good stories, instead I will be hearing all of the negativity. But so it is in this crazy world that we live in.

Link to article




Boy the aces sure know how to pick their players and coaches. You might remember when we blogged about the time Aces coach Ricky Vanasselberg was arrested outside of a local night club. Now we read about the sentencing of another “player/coach” of the Aces. This guy beat some guy with a car battery and put him in a coma. This group of individuals are so classy (sarcasm). They remind me of the Cincinnati Bengals of the United League. Way to represent Alexandria guys, we are proud.

I will start this post by reminding you of a phrase that we hear all too often here in the Central Louisiana and particularly Alexandria. The phrase is “Smart Growth”. So I came across this article and it was something that caught my eye. At top of the article page you will see that it is entitled “Peddling smart growth” and beneath that you will see the subtitle that reads..

Call your project “smart” — even when it isn’t — and get millions in public funds.

Basically I am all for true “smart growth” however that term can be defined. There are many improvements that I would like to see in the Central Louisiana. But I would like to have peace of mind knowing that the money is being spent the right way and not being mismanaged by our leaders. It is possible that this term may have run it’s course and it is time to coin a new phrase for the administration. There are many others that you may see in the new future and some may have been used already. Here are some examples of what other terms may be beaten to death in the near future when allotting more money to useless projects. New Urbanism, New Pedestrianism, Urban Sprawl ( I think this one has been used, maybe not on a local level though).


In closing I would just encourage you to read the article that I linked above. Although it is long and takes place in California most should find it interesting and we should be able to relate at least some of the information on a local level.

The Council meeting was drama free. But I have a question and I think I may have already answered it for myself. What exactly would this “Louisiana Legislative Caucus” be? Would this be the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus ? After searching google here I cannot find a Louisiana Legislative Caucus anywhere. Did they just omit the word black or does it go by Louisiana Legislative Caucus? Without even watching the “episode” I made a post before this one and I just knew somewhere in there, that I would find a biased donation of some sort. GAEDA has become infamous for these types of things. If I started a White caucus, would I be able to have money allocated from hotel/motel tax in order to put on an event? I don’t mind them donating to them at all and more power the members of that organization. Are any of the City Council members involved in this”‘Louisiana Legislative Caucus”?






From the City Council Agenda


25) To consider final adoption of an ordinance authorizing the City to co-sponsor along with GAEDA Board and the England Authority the 30th anniversary celebration of the Louisiana Legislative Caucus and local delegates.

After researching a bit I still have not found a Louisiana Legislative Caucus but only the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus. Funny because it is the 30th anniversary for the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus. One would have to assume  they are trying to sponsor this event. But why did they not just call it by it’s correct name and not omit the word by which would make it the correct organization that they are wanting to sponsor? From their website I found their “goals”…


Our Goals
Enacting legislation that positively impacts and repealing legislation that negatively impacts the Black Caucus’ constituencies.


Implementing and promoting policies which allow all citizens fair and open access to educational and economical advancement opportunities.


Providing leadership in challenging policies which hinder the progress of African Americans.


Organizing and maintaining a networking system in Louisiana that links together elected officials, faith-based and civic organizations, businesses and colleges and universities for identifying cutting-edge issues that affect Louisiana’s African American citizenry.


Developing and implementing community-based programs, meetings and forums for the distribution of information.


Serving as a united public voice for the African American population in Louisiana.

On another note, it appears as though white people cannot join see this link. Go figure. I think as a society we have things totally backwards. We want progression towards racial equality yet we still separate from each other as a race. There are many organizations that include only black members and are directed to a certain race. I understand that many of their relatives in the past suffered through many horrible things and if I could have stopped it I would have. However, I have never owned any slaves and I don’t know anyone that has. Could you imagine the outcry if someone started a white caucus? I am in no way a racist but I am a realist. We as a society need to build a bridge and just get over the whole thing. If we keep thinking up a new organization every day that cater directly and only to a certain race we as a society will never progress to our (hopefully, but my) ultimate goal and see each other as a human instead of a black/white/spanish/purple/pin striped. I wonder what these Black Caucus meetings discuss.

Another article with a each member of the ‘opposite’ race trying to join the other caucus. It does appear that there is a Tennessee White Caucus. It cites it in the article here but I cannot seem to find any info on the organization on the internet. Any information that you have on this would be appreciated.

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