It’s been a while. Anyone still here…didn’t think so. Actually I’m not sure how many were here to begin with. Nonetheless, let’s get started. Throughout the next few days I’ll be putting out posts at the rate equal to the amount of times Britney Spears driving drunk. In other words, I have much to say.


The City Council will from this point forward be referred to as the Shitty Council. Thank you I’ll be here all night.

Also, I would like to take this space to add a link to the article of the Town Talk’s view on the whole Mayor vs. The Shitty Council. I guess I am glad that they actually take a position (trademark Myron Lawson) on the whole situation as most newspapers do. However, KALB does not have the balls to do anything of the sort. Link here (the now infamous love4aex comments on the page as well)


Ah yes, what’s not to love about the South? Hunting, fishing, football, beautiful women, dirty politics and 11 year olds getting a DUI. I actually first saw this on the news this morning as I was getting ready for work. It has nothing to do with Central Louisiana but I still found it to be rather comical. So click the link below and check it out.


Link to story


shit stirrer 

(shit stirrer above)


On this day where we are to remember all of the great things about our Country and accept that freedom is not free. There are many different cliches I could insert here but I will keep it short. As I was looking over the Town Talk’s website I couldn’t help but notice that they seem to be trying to stir up shit as they have an ‘article’ that directs people to join in discussion which is basically either race related or religion topics. Politics and religion are always things that spark some crazy conversation so on this 4th of July everyone spend time bitching and name calling instead of celebrating. Way to go Town Talk, we are so proud.

Link from the Town Talk on issues that have been beaten to death, but I guess this is what they resort to when they actually know nothing about true reporting



I read this article that claims that Bin Laden is now dead. It does seem as though we would have heard something else on this issue from the Government by now. We have heard these rumors before but Old Bin Laden has been rather quiet lately so maybe he really has passed away. Let’s hope so. Anyway here is a link to a website that may not be all that reliable.

Link here

bar room


It looks as though shady business is not just common in the Alexandria/Pineville area. Some residents of Avoyelles Parish are questioning the legality of the vote passed the Police Jury in that area. One resident of Bunkie, LA who happens to be an editor at a local (Bunkie) newspaper has filed a complaint stating the the public was not informed due to the item not being placed on the agenda for the meeting. Ain’t Louisiana great? Surely they had to know that this would have some public interest, and for it to be left off of the agenda is pretty sad. Mistakes like that can happen but my money is on them intentionally leaving it off of the agenda.


I am not against bars being able to stay open later than 2am. But it is the principle that they public should be made aware of the situation and when the decision will be made. I am sure that they had an idea of when the voting would take place as I would hope there was a date set in the past. I would assume some of the media has made it known. More than likely the editor of the Bunkie paper has written something on the issue. Here is a link from KALB to the “article”.



What a wonderful day in the neighborhood. I was browsing the web today and I came across “breaking news” that was labeled Juneteenth violence. It makes me sick to see things like this happen, basically what happened was a group of thugs decided that after the Juneteenth ordeal was over, they couldn’t just go home like normal people. Instead they decided to surround cars, bust out car windows, jump on car hoods, harass people, assault cops and pull innocent drivers of cars out and beat them. Very sick behavior for someone to illustrate on a day that is supposed a day that they are proud of. You will now have people that do not remember the good things about their celebration. I know I will personally remember the images that I have seen in this video. It is everything that is wrong with our world. These people behaved like animals. Also notice in the video there is a woman assaulting police officers. Now I know that all police officers are not good people. But they are there to protect lives and help and you have people assaulting them. The woman got everything that she deserved…a baton to the face. I would actually like to know the race of the persons that were pulled out of the car and beaten. Call it racist of me to call them “they” and “them”, but they brought it upon themselves by having a celebration such as this and then drawing negative national attention to themselves. “They” as a whole group deserve every bit of negative attention that they receive from this. There was also mention of possibly canceling next years Juneteenth. Maybe next time they will think before acting so immature. Of course there were good people there and I am sure that they had good wholesome fun, but I certainly doubt I will be hearing any of the good stories, instead I will be hearing all of the negativity. But so it is in this crazy world that we live in.

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