bar room


It looks as though shady business is not just common in the Alexandria/Pineville area. Some residents of Avoyelles Parish are questioning the legality of the vote passed the Police Jury in that area. One resident of Bunkie, LA who happens to be an editor at a local (Bunkie) newspaper has filed a complaint stating the the public was not informed due to the item not being placed on the agenda for the meeting. Ain’t Louisiana great? Surely they had to know that this would have some public interest, and for it to be left off of the agenda is pretty sad. Mistakes like that can happen but my money is on them intentionally leaving it off of the agenda.


I am not against bars being able to stay open later than 2am. But it is the principle that they public should be made aware of the situation and when the decision will be made. I am sure that they had an idea of when the voting would take place as I would hope there was a date set in the past. I would assume some of the media has made it known. More than likely the editor of the Bunkie paper has written something on the issue. Here is a link from KALB to the “article”.