If you think of different places around Louisiana. Most of the cities/towns have something unique about them. There is a certain thing that you think of when Lafayette crosses your mind. For me it is usually Cajuns. Also it could be food. When I think of New Orleans, I think of jazz music. When Shreveport crosses my mind I think East Texas. When I think about Alexandria I really draw a blank. There is nothing that really sets Alexandria apart from the rest of the State in my opinion. Sure there is some history in Alexandria and there are some unique things to in Alexandria but there is nothing that really stands out about Alexandria. Of course this is my opinion. There are residents of Alexandria that have lived here all their lives and cannot even tell you what there is to do around town. Half of the residents would not be able to give you directions to Kent House Plantation. So I ask, what is Alexandria known for and what makes it unique. I would rather not hear about events that took place in the Bentley, England Air Force Base, the Red River (while a great trait for the City, residents of Louisiana could probably care less about it). So I ask, if you were a resident of another town/city in Louisiana outside of a 75 mile radius from Alexandria. What would Alexandria be known for to you? Maybe being called Central Louisiana is not such a good thing, as it may be all that we are known for. Again…not a bad thing.