Many times I have read where residents of Alexandria feel as though it is better suited as being a “town” and not a “city”. So in doing research it appears as though there are many different prerequisites in order for a town to transform to city status. The definitions differ from the U.S to Europe. It appears as though in Europe you need a Cathedral and a University. However in the United States it can be based upon, this is taken from Wikipedia and goes as follows…

the term may be used either for a town possessing city status; for an urban locality exceeding an arbitrary population size; for a town dominating other towns with particular regional economic or administrative significance.

After researching a bit I was able to also find that Alexandria first became a City in 1882 with a Mayor, Justice of the Peace and a Treasurer.


This is from the City of Alexandria website

Since every public record had been destroyed, Louisiana granted the town a new Charter in an Act dated September 29, 1868. In 1882, Alexandria became a city with a Mayor, Justice of the Peace, and Treasurer (who also served as tax collector and secretary to the Board of Aldermen). This Board was composed of nine aldermen from four wards- two from each ward and one at-large.

So it appears that Alexandria achieved city status in 1882. Yet people still refer to Alexandria as a town. I am guilty of this myself as I just don’t picture Alexandria as being a city especially when I look around the State and Country. I look at many different cities in comparison and Alexandria lacks many things. Sure it has met the needs in order to refer to itself as a City but it is a town to me. How do you feel? Do you consider Alexandria to be a city or a town?