I will start this post by reminding you of a phrase that we hear all too often here in the Central Louisiana and particularly Alexandria. The phrase is “Smart Growth”. So I came across this article and it was something that caught my eye. At top of the article page you will see that it is entitled “Peddling smart growth” and beneath that you will see the subtitle that reads..

Call your project “smart” — even when it isn’t — and get millions in public funds.

Basically I am all for true “smart growth” however that term can be defined. There are many improvements that I would like to see in the Central Louisiana. But I would like to have peace of mind knowing that the money is being spent the right way and not being mismanaged by our leaders. It is possible that this term may have run it’s course and it is time to coin a new phrase for the administration. There are many others that you may see in the new future and some may have been used already. Here are some examples of what other terms may be beaten to death in the near future when allotting more money to useless projects. New Urbanism, New Pedestrianism, Urban Sprawl ( I think this one has been used, maybe not on a local level though).


In closing I would just encourage you to read the article that I linked above. Although it is long and takes place in California most should find it interesting and we should be able to relate at least some of the information on a local level.