As I was perusing The Advocate newspaper out of Baton Rouge. I noticed this story about where Sex Offenders would be housed during the time of emergency. While I think it is important to keep them confined to close quarters and I believe they should have MAXIMUM security on this/these building(s). I cannot say that I would be happy to have this moving into my neighborhood. Can you just imagine having to live next door to a building that is going to house sex offenders? I would be worried each and every time my child stepped out of the front door to go to school. I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that there were sex offenders within striking distance of my property.


Residents in the area and local officials have complained about the plans to locate convicted sex offenders in the area, so Rep. Tom McVea filed a bill that would require parish officials to approve a sex offender shelter before it could be opened.

Ya think?!?


Also it should be noted that there would be other criminals mixed among the sex offenders. This is one building that I would hope after occupied, one of those mysterious arson cases happen. We do live in a great state but sometimes the things we do just seem to amaze me.