I am looking for certain things. Aside from important issues that face the city and you can find the City Council agenda. I will be keeping a close eye on the way that the administration and City Council respond to residents of Alexandria when questioned on certain things. You can find my post about this from May 23, 2007 here and how I feel about their demeanor during the meetings. Besides the fact that they act very unprofessional at times by laughing and making jokes about everything. I have witnessed on many different occasions where a resident will ask a question only to be belittled by the Council Member. I am no rocket scientist but with my logic if a person is there to ask a question, the chances are they do not know the answer. They may answer the question, but on the tail end they will add some smart ass remark which is uncalled for in my opinion. Also I will be listening to see how many of the issues they bring up have a racial undertone. Swimming pools only on 3rd street, money to certain foundations or charities etc. If you are going to do things you need to spread it out evenly for all the people of Alexandria. I can’t help but notice that each time I watch one of these “episodes” the giving is one sided. “My people, her people, those people” need this and that. But come election time they will be smiling in everyone’s face. This is all for now, I will be back later to update.