As I was going through some of the different local blogs in the Central Louisiana area. I can’t help but notice that a large percentage of them are rarely updated. For the most part the local blogs each have their own character. Some blogs are never updated but continue to receive multiple comments per day. Some blogs are about political views. Others focus on that blog creators life and events in that person’s life. Some blogs are full of rumors (which I have to admit it is rather entertaining at times although I have never partaken in the comments). There are many different types of blogs and I believe that each person that creates one generally has a good idea and a certain niche that they want to show. However, there are many reasons that you may not be able to keep up with the blog. For instance you may have a job that limits your time you are allowed to dedicate to the blog. You may have kids that take up the majority of your time. Whatever the reasons for a blog not being updated I am sure they are valid. It may just be that you lost interest in what you were doing and that initial idea that you had to start the blog was just that…an initial idea and you had nothing to write about after that. I would like to encourage more people to blog in Central Louisiana. Surely there are more angles that you can take. If you look around the (insert obligatory blog word) blogosphere you may be able to build off an idea and add to it, and make it your own. We can certainly use more bloggers in the area and I am sure others would agree. Also, I there are quite a few people that visit this blog each day and while I touch on a wide variety of subjects I rarely ever receive comments. Please feel free to leave comments to let me know what you think, it only takes a second. If you think I wrote about something that you find interesting tell me, on the contrary if you think it was a shitty peice and I wasted your time, feel free to share that as well so that I can get an idea as to what the readers find interesting. In closing I will leave you with this article that offers a few reasons why certain blogs “fail”.


Why most blogs fail