I picked up the Town Talk today and on the front page there was an article printed about the plans for the LSUA expansion. In my mind this is a good thing. Whether or not it passes is yet to be seen. You can read about it here and see what you think. We have heard about it before but if you add in the housing soon to be on campus, it is looking better for the younger generation. Maybe current students won’t be laughed at when saying where they attend college. Now if we can only fix the rest of the “city” and have some progression in other areas we may be onto something. However, I will not be holding my breath waiting for improvements around the “city” to happen and make younger people actually want to live in Alexandria/Pineville. Have you ever heard people that are younger actually be excited about living in this area? Probably not and when you think about it there is actually nothing for younger adults to do in this area, which is sad. This has to be the most boring place to reside in the state for younger adults.