June 2007

Unfortunately I have not been able to dedicate as much time as I would like lately to the blog. My real job has kept me extremely busy the past few weeks although we should be slowing down now. So I look forward to picking up the pace. However, wesawthat and Greg Aymond’s blog have been putting out some good stuff. I have had time to check in on them on a consistent basis and they have not disappointed. Hopefully we will capture your interest with some news posts in the future.


bar room


It looks as though shady business is not just common in the Alexandria/Pineville area. Some residents of Avoyelles Parish are questioning the legality of the vote passed the Police Jury in that area. One resident of Bunkie, LA who happens to be an editor at a local (Bunkie) newspaper has filed a complaint stating the the public was not informed due to the item not being placed on the agenda for the meeting. Ain’t Louisiana great? Surely they had to know that this would have some public interest, and for it to be left off of the agenda is pretty sad. Mistakes like that can happen but my money is on them intentionally leaving it off of the agenda.


I am not against bars being able to stay open later than 2am. But it is the principle that they public should be made aware of the situation and when the decision will be made. I am sure that they had an idea of when the voting would take place as I would hope there was a date set in the past. I would assume some of the media has made it known. More than likely the editor of the Bunkie paper has written something on the issue. Here is a link from KALB to the “article”.



What a wonderful day in the neighborhood. I was browsing the web today and I came across “breaking news” that was labeled Juneteenth violence. It makes me sick to see things like this happen, basically what happened was a group of thugs decided that after the Juneteenth ordeal was over, they couldn’t just go home like normal people. Instead they decided to surround cars, bust out car windows, jump on car hoods, harass people, assault cops and pull innocent drivers of cars out and beat them. Very sick behavior for someone to illustrate on a day that is supposed a day that they are proud of. You will now have people that do not remember the good things about their celebration. I know I will personally remember the images that I have seen in this video. It is everything that is wrong with our world. These people behaved like animals. Also notice in the video there is a woman assaulting police officers. Now I know that all police officers are not good people. But they are there to protect lives and help and you have people assaulting them. The woman got everything that she deserved…a baton to the face. I would actually like to know the race of the persons that were pulled out of the car and beaten. Call it racist of me to call them “they” and “them”, but they brought it upon themselves by having a celebration such as this and then drawing negative national attention to themselves. “They” as a whole group deserve every bit of negative attention that they receive from this. There was also mention of possibly canceling next years Juneteenth. Maybe next time they will think before acting so immature. Of course there were good people there and I am sure that they had good wholesome fun, but I certainly doubt I will be hearing any of the good stories, instead I will be hearing all of the negativity. But so it is in this crazy world that we live in.

Link to article

I watched in amazement last night during my viewing of the Council meeting. Roy will not back down from these idiots on the council. It is refreshing to see that he is calling them out on what they are doing (or not doing). I have to say that I was happy that Roy was the mayor before, but I am actually proud that he is the mayor as we all should be. Congrats to mayor Roy for actually shutting down this nonsense that has plagued Alexandria for years. Hopefully we will soon not have this petty crap to worry about.




Boy the aces sure know how to pick their players and coaches. You might remember when we blogged about the time Aces coach Ricky Vanasselberg was arrested outside of a local night club. Now we read about the sentencing of another “player/coach” of the Aces. This guy beat some guy with a car battery and put him in a coma. This group of individuals are so classy (sarcasm). They remind me of the Cincinnati Bengals of the United League. Way to represent Alexandria guys, we are proud.



I love stupid criminals as much as Jay Leno. I kind of had to laugh at this although it is not the funniest criminal story I have heard. But anyway the guys that were attempting a Jeep in Leesville. One of the guys tipped the owner of the vehicle off via text message. ‘Hey call the cops so that they can come arrest me because I am about to steal your Jeep’ and then they both get arrested. Of course we don’t know the full extent of the story because the TT does not report much, just a short write up with some details. Link here

Chris Rose


My sometimes favorite columnist Chris Rose has put an article on nola.com about his children and life in New Orleans after the storm. He tells of situations they face in life and having to teach them the reality of life and particularly in New Orleans. It is a very good article in my opinion and if you want to check it out. Here is a link.

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