Doggy in costume

Man it just seems as though nothing is funny anymore. I was browsing the TT’s website and came across this “article” or a press release rather. Pet adoption is a good thing and I encourage it. These dogs deserve a good home and attention, they need to be cared for and should be given a second chance. I would recommend that if you are thinking about getting a new pet that you check this event out. Everyone is a winner, you get a great pet and they get a second chance. I have adopted a dog in the past and I couldn’t have asked for a better companion. I would also like to recommend that before you decide to take it home you spend some “quality” time with it, usually after spending an hour or two with the dog you will get a feel for the dog’s attitude and demeanor. Some of these programs even offer a trial period. If after a certain time you decide that the dog is not fit for your home due to many issues that can arise you are allowed to return it. I know that in the Paris Hilton era, everyone wants that cute little lap dog but you would be surprised at some of the great dogs that you will find in these establishments. Do them a favor and rescue them from those small kennels and we can almost guarantee that you will not be sorry.