Please support New Orleans

Well, I love the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. There are certain areas of the state that I truly love. I have been all around the world and pretty much every major destination within the United States. It’s funny though, New Orleans is my favorite city. For some reason the appeal of the food and music mixed in with the culture and beauty of the French and Spanish styled buildings feels good. You can go there and enjoy many different things, age does not matter, it can be enjoyed by many. You can explore Plantation homes, drink til 5am on Bourbon or take a cruise on The Mighty Mississippi. When traveling to Chicago I was very impressed by their city and it is really is like a BIG New Orleans, but there was one thing they were lacking. It was the people, they did not make you feel at home and welcome. New Orleans, and the tourist areas are up for business right now even though we continue to hear about the spike in the murder rate. The crime (as always) is basically isolated to certain areas outside of the tourist destinations. Nothing has changed, these same criminals continue to kill each other, in the same places that have done so since Mayor Dutch Morial ruined the city and neglected certain races in the city. This is when everything went downhill. They failed to do the basic things to keep the City the beautiful city it once was. N.O.R.D which at the time was the model for the rest of the nation had a house cleaning party and Mayor Dutch’s friends and family were put in charge of it, their only interest was making money (sound familiar to Alexandria residents?) Here is a piece from wikipedia.


Most of Morial’s achievements occurred in his first term as mayor. Morial committed the city to affirmative action in hiring city workers and introduced hiring quotas involving private city contractors. The proportion of black employees on the city’s workforce increased from 40% in 1977 to 53% in 1985 under Morial’s tenure. Under Morial’s administration the number of black officers in the NOPD was increased to make up one third of the force, but continued incidents of police brutality – most notably the police killing of four blacks in Algiers in 1980 – damaged Morial’s reputation in the black community. Morial was also responsible for getting federal UDAG and Model Cities funding for several major developments, including Canal Place and the Jax Brewery development in the French Quarter. He continued to support previous mayor Moon Landrieu’s emphasis on tourism, but also tried to diversify the economy by developing the Almonaster-Michoud Industrial District in New Orleans East. However, the Louisiana World’s Fair, held in 1984, was widely regarded as a financial failure.

Well, now after getting off topic I would like to go back to what was supposed to be my original point and it is that there is a new series that will be on FOX in August. It is called K-ville, which is short for Katrinaville. Now I just have a feeling that someone is trying to get rich somewhere, and I don’t blame them. What they don’t realize is that they continue to destroy the reputation of a city which survives off it’s image. Think about it, a large percentage of the work force in New Orleans and the metro area work in the service industry. New Orleans survives off of tourism, sad but true. They did not diversify the economy and they now must deal with this. I am not for sugar coating anything but I do think it is unfair of the national media to continue to beat this issue to death (no pun intended). There are many other national cities that have crime problem, I know that New Orleans is the largest but I just think it is unfair for them to pick on New Orleans and scare these tourists away. I know that if I was not familiar with New Orleans after visiting many time after Katrina, I would be scared from the media’s reports on New Orleans. Let me tell you this, I go to New Orleans quite a bit and I am not the least bit afraid to walk downtown, uptown or anywhere in New Orleans late at night. I would never venture into areas that I should not be in of course, as no tourist should.


Back to the subject once again, this new show while I have only seen the previews which you can find here and from what I can see this is going to be nothing but bad. Another thing on the national level that mainly deals with crime and poverty, which no doubt riddle the city, but once again only parts of the city. Look, there are a lot of things wrong with New Orleans and I know that this may not seem like a big deal to some, but I find it truly sad that New Orleans has gone from one of the greatest cities to the pits within about 30 years. Poor leadership, horrible education among other things contributed to this. I would like to think that the city will rebound but then I read stories like this that are pretty sad. Excuse me for the rambling and scattered thoughts but on this Memorial Day weekend, I have really been thinking about the state of our country.