This shows everything that is wrong with America in my opinion. I just cannot believe that we have not progressed beyond these petty issues and negativity in our society. If you read this article you will find out that some people either 1.) have too much time on their hands or 2.) are always looking to find the racism in everything. I know that we have racists in the world and sometimes they do and say things to insult others. But I just fail to see the racism in this. I also did not know that it was unlawful to not have a certain race represented when marketing housing. I understand that you want to include every race to make it seem appealing to everyone and not exclude anyone from thinking they are “welcome”. I can’t speak for the man that made the ads for the company but I just find this sad. Note to self: when making ads for Little China apartments make sure to include Italians. When making ads for apartments in Little Italy be sure to include Chinese people.