City Council

In watching the recent City Council meeting. I had a few observations, one would be that the City Council seems a bit frustrated to say the least. It seems as though they are aggravated easily when dealing with citizens that have questions concerning issues that they have. Mr. Silver while I understand that he has a meeting to continue with seemed a bit on edge. Also, Mr. Smith was upset over something that he heard on the radio that was said by Mr. English (Bridgette Brown’s lawyer) over the issues that the Council dictates. I am a little bit disturbed over the attitude that they sometimes take towards the public and the smart ass comments that they shoot back when questions are asked. The city attorney is pretty bad about making smart ass comments at certain times. I understand that some of these questions may seem stupid to them because they are “all knowed” but the reason the public is there is because they do not understand or they have a problem. I think that they should go down to Barnes & Noble and browse through the book ‘ How to deal with the public when it is not election time’.

Also I was actually impressed by how Mayor Roy took control of a situation during the zoning committee meeting when posed with a problem that residents outside of the parish had. He made himself available to them if they wanted to call a meeting at their place of choice and he would be there to answer all of their questions. I am not very familiar with the Randolph administration and if he would have done something like this. It’s not to say that it is an Act of God or anything and it is his job to make himself available to the public but I was impressed at how he took control of the situation and instead of making it worse he actually defused the situation at hand.


I was saddened to not see Mr. Tanner ( I believe is his name). Come to the mic and talk about his boats and the City taking away his rights. He is obviously a fan favorite and he was missed.