I will tell you this, I am not from Alexandria. I was born in a big city and moved here in 2003, I have family here and my family has been here for years. I guess I am spoiled when it comes to certain things and I have come to expect certain things that are offered in big cities. One thing that I was spoiled with was a great news program. Something about KALB is just… lacking… to say the least. Michelle Godard has her blog which I find interesting and it is not that I dislike her broadcast. BUT, why are they so silent on certain situations? There have been many instances in the past few months where they have remained silent and taken no stance on issues that directly affect the citizens of not only Alexandria but Rapides Parish. I understand that this is a small town and I scoff at the labeling of the City of Alexandria ( I think of it more as a town). But even though everyone knows everyone here, I think that they at least owe us the truth. Of course the truth is usually very hard to find in any media whether it be written or on the television. Do the elected officials have that much of a grip on the media outlets here in Rapides Parish? I find it sad that certain things fail to be reported to us. I have read around many blogs that have touched on this issue so I am probably just regurgitating a lot of statements and feelings that have already been shared. I do not have a hidden agenda against KALB or Mrs. Godard but my stance is that they should not be selective in what they report. I think that many things of interest have not been reported. Why? You tell me.It is almost hilarious to even sit through one of their broadcasts. You have the first ten minutes when you are usually getting some okay news. The rest of the show is taken up, by these stupid stories that I would have to guess a small percentage of the population find interesting. You then have the medical report, sports which I enjoy for the most part.. All in all I think they would have a lot more viewers and approval if they would just not be selective in what they report. In closing I would like to just say that I am more interested in reading Link to wesawthat because they always have things of interest and I am sure others feel the same. Hopefully all of these blogs popping up will force KALB to report what is right or continue to lose viewers. I know that I am not alone because I have heard many people speak badly about KALB. Mrs. Godard, please…please….please report what we want to hear. Unless you have signed away your life to the City Administration I see no reason why you cannot piss off a few people to make 1,000’s more happy. Or maybe I just like the drama but a lot of the “drama” with the city council and sweetheart deals directly impact us as a community.