Ah, yes. The touchy subject of public housing. Of course there is a need for public housing. There are many views that you can take on public housing. Of course some should be rebuilt and some should be allowed to move back in to them. However, I think that there has to be some regulations on this. Before you jump on me saying that I have no right to judge people in New Orleans. My family lives in New Orleans and lost everything in Katrina and still struggle with the everyday life that is post Katrina New Orleans and the metro area. There are lawsuits popping up everyday, there are protests and fighting and politics all mixed in to make a nasty gumbo. In this post I will include some links and video showing different things about the public housing, also known as “the projects”. Trust me, if you have not seen this before, it is not for children and also contains a lot of violence and adult language. You may want to check this article about a bill being passed to end the demolition of the public housing “projects” and allow residents to move back while paying for them to make the move back into the housing units. Now, I am in no way against this. I do think that there should be some limits and also the elderly and disabled should have the first rights to some of the units. Here is the link

Videos speaking about the issues that face the city in the time of recovery. These are older videos but sadly, not much as changed.

 Now let’s take a look at the ugly side of pre-katrina in some public housing…

Welcome to the Magnolia Projects.