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Why not Pineville?

I have never fully understood Pineville’s stance on this. Is it just that the “place” of Pineville wants to keep Pineville a small, family themed place full of mainly churches and fast food? There is nothing wrong with not accepting change, but in order for the entire connection between Alexandria/Pineville to grow, there must be changes that take place. Companies look for certain things before locating businesses (economic growth) and with the allowance of liquor sales, you can bet the area grows. Should Pineville only be limited to KFC/McDonalds/Popeye’s? Think about it, and look at Alexandria and the plethora of Restaurants that they have there. The population is larger yes, but you would have to think that with the allowance of liquor it would be a good thing for Pineville. Most people seem to think that liquor=crime. That may be, but not for restaurants in my opinion. I believe crime comes from the clubs and bars. How many fights have you seen in Copeland’s or Chili’s? Also, would you like to continue seeing residents of Pineville drive across the river and add revenue to Alexandria by purchasing alcohol? Why not keep the revenue in your own city. Think about it. Thoughts?